The Best Information on United States Holidays


The Best Information on United States Holidays

A holiday is a period set aside, usually by government or by tradition where normal daily activities, particularly work or school including church, are stopped or reduced. In general such holidays are meant to allow people to commemorate or celebrate an occasion or tradition of historical or cultural meaning. The people who celebrate these days usually have other reasons like getting some free time from work, enjoying the extra expense for eating out or going to the movies. Regardless, the objective remains that it is a break from work and a means of relaxation.

There are various federal holidays observed in the United States. While most of the federal holidays fall in the category of religious occasions or national symbols of remembrance such as veterans day, Independence day, Christmas and Hanukkah, there are also birthdays and in-laws anniversaries that are celebrated every year as well. The list includes flags-the American flag, seal of the President, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, Christmas, and the national seal with the names of the heads of states as well. Every year around the calendar at least one federal holiday appears and millions of people all over the world mark the occasion with respective parties, activities, traditions and sports festivals.

Some popular federal holidays celebrated around the world include thanksgiving (pronounced you-sigh-tay), Valentine’s day, mother’s day, and Veterans day. Thanksgiving is the first official holiday observed by the United States and on this day the US president offers thanks to the American people for their many sacrifices for the welfare of the nation. On this day, thanks are paid to the residents of the US as a gift of harvest for fruits, vegetables, livestock, and the production of essential goods and services. Farmers’ markets are widely seen as the ideal place to exchange gifts and meet friends and family members. A number of hotels, museums, and community organizations also organize events marking the sentiments of thanksgiving.

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