Types Of Travel Guides You May Need

A travel guide book is a book of information on a specific location designed specifically for the benefit of tourists or travelers. It tends to contain information on places to see, things to do, food to eat, and other relevant details. Maps of varying depth and historical and cultural data are also often contained. In some cases, a travel guide can be as detailed as three hundred pages and can cover all of the major areas of a country.

travel guide

There are many types of travel guides that one can purchase. One type is a region overview. Region overviews provide detailed information on a given region such as a state or country. The states in the United States tend to have one of two formats. In most cases, the format involves having a short introduction of the state then listing a number of specific attractions found within the state followed by a short summary of what the area offers tourists.

Other travel guide types include European travel guide, which provides European region overviews. A European region overview will generally contain a few different ways to reach a destination as well as ways to get from one point to another. Another form is the European travel guide that provides a list of places of interest around the world with enough information on each place to allow readers to plan sightseeing tours and hotels. The third type is the most general, which is an international travel guide. These provide general information on places around the world but do not provide detailed specifics on any specific destination.

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