Tour Guide Training – How to Become a Tour Guide

A tour guide or a tour consultant is a qualified individual who gives help, guidance on cultural, historic and current heritage to visitors on individual and organized tour. Tour guides are usually hired by tourists to enjoy a holiday or during official events in order to make them reach the required place. Usually, a tour guide will demonstrate to you a particular attraction of that area, tell you about the history of the place and also about the climate. These individuals are very important for those who have a physical disability because they can assist the disabled people by giving them the easier way of traveling.

tour guide

Tour guides may work for private individuals or companies, and they can usually be hired as needed. In order to become a tour guide, the candidate should have a good command over the English language and he should have some knowledge with regard to the culture and community of destination which he is going to visit. Some tourists choose to hire a guide who speaks their native language, since it is more convenient than hiring an interpreter. On the other hand, a non native may work in tourist agencies and assist foreign tourists who do not know much about the place, but are willing to learn.

Tourist guide training will normally cover some of the basics such as routes, communication with people, answering questions about the destination, giving tips about local delicacies and tourism products, orienting the tourists about the history and culture of the destination, among others. The education and training will also cover other technical aspects such as using tourist guides, taking the required tours and providing information about any other travel-related information. A specialized level of education is required if you want to obtain a tour guide certificate or training. It is also necessary to have a degree or diploma in tourism in order to become a qualified tour guide. In addition, most tour guide training programs require you to have some experience working as a tour guide in order to prepare you properly for your job as a tour guide.

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