Education Programs – Help Guide Tourists

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Education Programs – Help Guide Tourists

A tour guide is someone who gives assistance, guidance on historical, cultural and recreational heritage to individuals on private and organized tour. It is expected of the guide to be up-to-date with latest information on places, history, culture, etc. However, as a tour guide has to plan and execute tour for many tourists so he/she should be well aware of what to do and where to go for all tourist requirements. It would be a good idea to choose a guide who can communicate with the tourists easily by making them feel at home while touring.

Tour guides also work as educators in schools and colleges. They make the students explore the fascinating spots and give a knowledge about the location. While in college or school, the guide may work as a tour guide during field trips for short periods of time. This may work as a part-time job or full-time job depending upon the duration and frequency of the tours. The full-time jobs are usually preferred over the part-time ones, as it requires lot of traveling.

There are many education programs that are conducted to introduce people to the culture and tradition of foreign countries. In this program, the tour guides act as education programs by helping the visitors get to know about the history of the place, culture and society. The full-time education programs require the participation of the guide in all the travel guides and other functions organized. The travel guides have to talk to the tourists about all the interesting places and provide them with information about the famous places and things of the destination.

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