The Difference Between a Concert Tour and a Festival Tour


The Difference Between a Concert Tour and a Festival Tour

A concert tour is simply a tour of different venues by an artist, band or group of musicians in different towns, countries or areas. Often, concert tours are referred to as simply to distinguish a tour by the same musician from another tour by the same band. A concert tour can take place anywhere that an artist performs. This can be an arena, stadium, hotel ballroom, private home or rented room, etc. The tour simply shows up to perform for the audiences that are there.

Most of the time the itinerary for a concert tour will be posted on the web site of the artist, band or musical group. The ticket prices are often advertised on the tickets themselves, sometimes on the web site, and sometimes not. The price of the tickets will vary according to the size of venue, airfare costs, special event fees and other factors. It is important for an interested concert attendee to make sure that his or her accommodations are booked well in advance of the concert date. This ensures that the person will have room to get everything they need to go on the concert tour, as well as to pay for the accommodations.

There are some instances where a tour will be sold out. If this happens to you, the best thing you can do is to call around and find out if any tickets have become available for the same show at a lower price. Be patient and be persistent; sometimes a tour may sell out in a week or two, but it never hurts to call around early.

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