Which is the Top Holiday Destination in Greece?

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Which is the Top Holiday Destination in Greece?

SPain. Spain has always been a favorite of British holiday makers, and although it is not the preferred holiday destination of many, it is still the UK’s number one holiday destination for many visitors. In particular, the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca have long been main holiday hotspots and today added to the UK’s green list. The beautiful beaches and warm climate have made it the favoured holiday destination for couples and families from all over the world. There are some great holiday homes in the Balearic Islands and villas on the Costa del Sol in Ibiza. Holiday rentals in Spain are a popular choice for holiday homes in Ibiza, especially for those people who do not want to stay on the resort, but still enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

Spain is a very popular European country and with good reason, as you will discover when you visit Spain or spend some time in it. It offers great beaches and is a great family holiday destination as well as an extremely romantic destination for those who prefer to be alone. Spain is also a top destination for both football and golfing and many families come to Spain for a weekend of either or both. Spain is also a top holiday destination for lovers of art and culture as you will find art galleries and museums all over the country. For those looking to escape the stresses of everyday life there are activities such as sailing, windsurfing, golf and horse riding available on the fantastic beaches of Spain.

Mykonos, situated on the northern part of the island of Lesbos, is a top destination for young adults looking for a holiday home or even a luxury apartment rental. It is a wonderful mix of culture and modern luxury with a warm, relaxing atmosphere that must be experienced to be understood. Mykonos is home to many luxury villas that come with satellite television, pools, gyms, game rooms and restaurants. There are bars and nightclubs for those who want to party and bars and nightclubs for those who want to unwind and experience some genuine Greek hospitality. Mykonos has excellent infrastructure and modern resorts and hotels and even airport transfers from the rest of the world can be arranged easily.

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