What is a Travel Guide?

travel guide

What is a Travel Guide?

A travel guide book is “a publication that presents or gives information regarding a particular place”. It tends to include information regarding restaurants, hotels, sights, travel and transportation, and other relevant information. Maps of varying size and detailed historical and cultural information may be included. Guides have a wide variety of purposes. It may be used as a handbook to a foreign country, or a general source of travel information, or for a particular subject like sports, history, business, etc.

While many people believe a travel guide to be a “best way to travel”, this may not always be true. Some travelers find a guide to be a pleasant and informative way to plan a trip. The best way to travel is to choose what interests you and enjoy doing it. Whether for leisure or business, a travel guide can be an excellent companion in planning your trip.

There are many online sources for travel guides. Some of the most popular destinations, like the Wall Street Journal’s “Best Of Destination” and “The New York Times,” contain traveler reviews. Other guides are available from a variety of sources. Guide books and guides can also be purchased at major department stores and from many independent travel stores and sellers.

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