Traveling Abroad – Are There No Ongoing Travel Health Conditions?


Traveling Abroad – Are There No Ongoing Travel Health Conditions?

Travel is essentially the transfer of people from different, remote geographical locations between different times. Travel can either be one-way or round trip, done by land, air, sea or other means and is generally one mode of transportation or the other. Transportation involves the movement, but is not limited to it; for instance, boats may use ports along the coast for docking and other transport services. With the advent of modern technologies, traveling has become faster, more convenient, economical and comfortable through technology advancements such as aircraft, trains, automobiles, ships and telecommunication.

There are several types of travel, although not all travel is travel. There are national, state, county and local travel restrictions; a variety of travel advisories and safety guidance, and international travel restrictions or hazards. Some national and state travel restrictions include issues with vaccinations, alcohol consumption, over the limit calories, public transportation, sporting events, lottery, immigration status, wildlife watching and hunting, medical emergencies and national security matters. The information regarding various types of travel can be obtained from the U.S. Department of State, Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services, or other appropriate sources. Please check for information on various types of travel, and if you have any travel-related questions, contact the designated authorities. You should follow all of the flag etiquette and laws for your country, as well as the laws for the country in which you are traveling to.

Quarantine, on the other hand, is strictly voluntary and has no nationwide travel restrictions. Quarantine is typically a six-week period that starts after arriving in the country and lasts for three months or more. In most cases, quarantined individuals will be restricted to their homes or specific areas of the country, unable to travel to other parts of the country or to any other state or province. Please visit CDC’s website for updated information on travel health risks, current as well as recommended vaccines and precautions for traveling. There are also many brochures, travel guides, maps and informational pages that provide comprehensive information about diseases that you may come in contact with while abroad, as well as general information about travel issues and precautions. If you are travelling abroad, you should contact the designated embassy or consulate regarding passport requirements and related requirements.

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