What Is a Concert Tour?


What Is a Concert Tour?

A concert tour, also called a tour de noir is a tour of various cities, states or countries by an organized group or artist of bands. Frequently concert tours are also named after a certain album or artist to distinguish a tour by that band and to associate it with a specific album or show. The term concert tour refers to a tour in which all or most of the primary performances are held in a hall, stadium or other large venue. Other than popular music concerts, there can be political or cultural extravaganzas as well.

The history of touring music dates back to the rise of popular music in the early twentieth century when European and American musical groups traveling to other parts of the world would organize and promote themselves in the local language of the places they were visiting. For example, a concert in Great Britain would often have an English band performing, while an American rock band would try to promote itself in the Spanish speaking continent. Over time, several different types of touring groups emerged which used various types of mediums and venues in order to promote themselves and gain an audience.

For example, a concert organized by a German rock band would often be a combination of visual arts and a speech which was provided in English. Another type of tour which combines music and a visual display is called a gala tour. A more detailed description of a tour as described above would be a guided tour in which a set itinerary is followed during a certain time period which usually takes place over several days and includes sightseeing, destinations and opportunities for interaction with the local people.

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