What Do Tour Guides Do?

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What Do Tour Guides Do?

A tour guide is a professional who gives help, guidance on historical, cultural and educational heritage to individuals on personal or organized tour, usually planned for tourist purposes. These guides are also called as tour coordinators or tour guides and are employed by tour operators and hotels, educational institutions, government offices, and any other organization which has special needs. Tour guides have the job to help people get around and enjoy their vacation in any tourist destination. They organize and plan a tour for tourists from their entry point at the airport to wherever they will be visiting. Tour guides do not need any license or training to become this kind of professional, since most tour guides nowadays are already trained and licensed to serve the purposes for which they were designed.

Every country has its own unique features, culture and tour guides are knowledgeable about these things. There are even some countries that have a special name for certain attractions and historical sites, so all tour guides will be familiar with these names and know where to find them. Tour guides can sometimes act as personal guides, making it easy for tourists to ask questions regarding specific topics in an informative way. Tours can also include a mixture of classroom learning, outdoor activities, cultural exchange and guided tours. Tours are generally organized as part of a program of a large educational institution. Most tour guides are very knowledgeable about local customs and may be able to suggest interesting places to visit and things to see.

The main job of a tour guide in a tourism company is to ensure the customer’s safety, enjoyment and comfort. This is done by providing accurate information about the city and surrounding area to the visitor, in the language that the target audience is used to understand. Tour guides must be reliable, friendly and polite toward all kinds of visitors, and be willing to adapt their teaching style and destination to suit the preferences of the tourists. It is important that tour guides must be skilled communicators, able to explain complex topics in a clear and concise manner. Tour guides must know how to arrange for transportation to and from the destination and arrange for hotel accommodations and rental cars. Tourists often expect professional and friendly services from tourism companies, but these are just some of the requirements needed for a good tour guide.

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