What Is a Concert Tour?

A concert tour is basically a tour of different places by an artist or a band of musicians in many different cities, states or other places. Frequently, tour tours are also named for themselves to distinguish a single tour by the same musician and sometimes to associate a certain tour with a specific album or song. When a concert tour starts, tickets are distributed to the audience inform of a ticket sale. Sometimes concert organizers give away tickets along with promotional offers. Sometimes the tour organizes a charity match between two teams or musical genres, which requires enough tickets to be sold.


Joining a tour is more like a vacation than a tour as there are no fixed tours. The current touring bassist will decide which cities the tour will be and how long each city will be covered during the tour. The venues for the live events are decided after negotiations with the artist and other related parties.

For those who have not done it yet, it is good to do some research on what kind of tours are available now. Some of these tours can be very popular if done correctly. Concert tours require a lot of planning and organization, especially if the tour will be done in one country only like the U.S. There is a high chance of accidents especially on highways if the route of the tour is not planned properly. In addition, the bass players of the bands need to get to the venues on time and do proper set up before the show to make sure that the crowd enjoys the shows.

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