Tour Guide Training

A tour guide is an individual who gives information, guidance on historical, cultural and other cultural heritage to individuals on individual and organized tour visiting different places. They provide information about the place and its significance to the culture of that place. Tour guides usually work for companies, individuals and other agencies that organize tours. The most famous ones are guidebooks and travel books. Guidebooks have been very popular since the first advent of the use of road and train. Guidebooks are sold in almost every book store, newsstand and even in some supermarkets.

tour guide

Tour Guide Training is another option available for those looking to learn the art of tour guide. This course focuses on teaching individuals how to deal with tourists, answer questions related to tourism and guide them through various tourism destinations. There are many institutes offering this type of training, some of them are for free. But the quality of the education varies from one institute to another. It is advised that before approaching any institute for training in tourism, one should be very clear about his expectations and goals from the institute.

Historical Sites: Historical sites attract many visitors especially students from foreign countries. They love visiting historical sites because they offer interesting facts about the place, people and architecture. Some of the places that are worth visiting are palaces, cathedrals, castles, ancient history museum and the like. For students interested in a career in tourism, it would be better if they pursue a degree course in historical sites tourism. This course would equip them with knowledge about the facilities offered at the historical sites, history of their civilization and how these were formed and developed.

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