Types of Travel


Types of Travel

Travel is the transport of individuals between different geographical locations. Travel can be performed by foot, vehicle, bike, plane, train, bus or train, with or without bags, and may be one way or multiple ways. A mode of transportation used for travel is generally defined as any mode that brings persons to a destination and enables them to reach their destination. Persons may travel by land, air, sea or even water. The modes of transportation determine the modes of travel, the place of departure and arrival, the mode of travel and the means of transport for transporting goods or passengers.

Transportation means the act of moving about from one place to another place. Various modes of transportation facilitate different kinds of travel. Air travel is one way travel. People take a flight to another place and walk or ride a bus to another place to reach their destination. Similarly, people travel by road, by sea, by rail, by train and by boat to reach their destinations.

Group travel is one of the most popular modes of travel and usually involves groups of more than two people. There are many kinds of group travel. Honeymooners and retirees like to travel as a group to some tropical destination to celebrate their golden years. Long-term slow trip lovers and backpackers prefer to travel alone or in a small group. One can go on a solo travel, long-term slow trip, group travel, luxury travel, etc., according to one’s preference.

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