Guide Books Are a Good Way to Understand Where to Eat, See, and Do

A travel guide or itinerary is “an instruction book for tourists or visitors intended for the specific use of the tourist or visitors”. It tends to contain information about sightseeing, accommodation, meals, transportation, and other activities. Maps of various detailed and cultural and historical information may also be included. It may also provide recommendations concerning what to do and where not to do while on vacation.

travel guide

These kinds of books are available in almost every travel guide genre. There are region overviews, travel destination reviews, city guides, adventure and sport-related guides, cultural guides, and wilderness and beach guides. The most common categories are country overviews or destination overviews, city or region overviews, and international travel guides. In a country overview or destination overview, a short but concise description of the country or region is given. It may cover its history, architecture, festivals, art, literature, and folk culture. It gives a brief idea about things to do in the region, what food is available, and what currency is used and how to exchange it.

A city or region overview is somewhat more comprehensive. It usually includes important landmarks, places to go and things to avoid. It gives recommendations as to what is best to do in the area, what places travelers should visit, and what to do not. It also gives an idea as to what to pack and what not to bring while traveling.

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