Types of Concert Tours


Types of Concert Tours

A concert tour, sometimes called a tour, is a group of organized performances by an individual or group of performers in a variety of venues, states or other areas. It is often characterized by a single artist or group, as in the case of a symphonic or chamber music tour. Very often, however, a concert tour incorporates some members of different bands and/or various musical genres. In recent years, many large-scale musical tours include the participation of well-known artists who have become popular or whose concerts tend to be strongly attended and enjoyed by fans. The term “concert tour” has, in fact, come to encompass any event that features one or more live performances by a musical group or ensemble.

Concert tours may be made in several different ways. In general, a tour is made by a tour organizer or agency, which makes at least several different trips to several different places where the concert will be held. Often such tour organizers make a tour through a country, as one can tour Europe for a concert by one orchestra or choir, for example, and visit London, England, for a play. Or they could make a tour through several European cities and travel from one city to another, taking in a play in Paris and visiting a concert in London.

Many musical or cultural organizations (or other large groups) also organize regularly scheduled tours that they do not advertise. Such tours may cover several areas over a relatively short period of time, such as several days in New York city for a musical concert by a number of popular bands, or two or more days in a small village (or town) where the local people put on a folk festival. In this case, the participants would take advantage of the festival to get to know the local culture and customs of the area.

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