Tour Guide Training

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Tour Guide Training

A tour guide is a well-informed and knowledgeable tour guide who gives information, guidance on historical, cultural heritage to individuals on private or organized tour. Tour guides are also called as tour assistants, tour guides, tour strategists, itineraries or tour operators, and travel companions. There are tour guide companies that provide professional guide service with various combinations of informative tour guides such as, but not limited to, interpretation of languages, interpretation of local or indigenous cultures, conduct of driver safety training, as well as many more. Professional tour guides make every tourists’ travel experience an unforgettable one.

The profession of a tour guide entails a lot of responsibility which needs to be inculcated in a tour guides’ mind from the very beginning of his/her tour of selection. Guide services are most preferred by those tourists who know some basic and some special traveling or vacation laws. They make their tour easier by making them familiar with local customs and laws, local food, popular destinations, and many other interesting facts about places they tour. Some tourists are good at asking appropriate questions while others fail to understand the appropriate questions for which they are required to ask.

Tour guides who have an excellent command over the English language are often known as personal tour guides. These are the ones who can hold a conversation easily and effectively in English and may also talk to tourists in their native language. These are professionals and have acquired conversational skills through their experiences in the industry. Personal tour guiding services are often hired by private tour agencies to provide tour guidance to groups of tourists, corporate tours, holiday tour packages or just for fun tours. These agencies also require tour guides to be licensed and knowledgeable in their particular field.

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