Different Types of Traveling

Travel is the movement of humans between far off geographical locations. Travel can be to places within a country, state or the world, and can either be one-way or round trip, with no baggage allowance. There are three types of travel: land travel, air travel, and water travel. Within these categories, there are many different kinds of travel:


One type of travel that most people participate in is short vacation travel. This can take the form of honeymoons, extended family vacations, romantic getaways, newlywed escapades, newly born babies, newlyweds on honeymoon, business trips, seminars or awards ceremonies, or just a weekend away with friends or family. Short vacation travel can include traveling for only a few days to a few weeks to various destinations or for longer vacations lasting a month or more. For short vacations, you will not need to check in as often, usually do not have luggage allowance, will spend the least amount of money and will most likely explore a new culture or see some new sights.

Another type of travel is tourism. Tourism is popular for two reasons: people travel to other countries for the beauty of the landscape and people travel to other countries for the chance to experience culture. In tourism, you travel to a destination for tourism purposes and for the purpose of experiencing culture. You will see signs of tourism all over town and will probably be able to find a few businesses that are devoted to tourism advertising. If your idea of culture includes experiencing a new culture, then tourism might be the perfect field for you to enter.

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