Different Types of Tours


Different Types of Tours

Tour (pl.) A journey on land by an open carrier. In other words it is a voyage that is made by land, not by water or air. In other dictionaries the term tour is used for a journey to sightsee or to visit a particular place. Tour is a word derived from the French, meaning, “a journey.” A tourist is a person going for leisure or for business.

Durch Tours provides the traveler with a guide and his/her companions for travel within their destination. The most common mode of transportation is by road, but there are train, plane, sea, and bus tours available. A church tour is characterized by being short – the driver steers the travelers at considerable distances from their starting point and there is no room to stop for lunch or to have drinks. Most people who take pleasure in this type of tour prefer to be accompanied by an experienced driver, as they are able to make much more informed decisions regarding the time period of the journey.

A guided tour is usually organized by a tour operator, who also organizes other tourist attractions in that destination. In case of a concert tour, the organizing of the tour usually includes lodging, meals and sightseeing in addition to the concert itself. The concert hall is the first stop for the touring musicians. Hence the name concert tour. The last stop for the touring musicians is the hotel where they have their accommodation.

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