Australia Tours and Travel Destinations for 2021

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Australia Tours and Travel Destinations for 2021

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is one of the most unique natural wonders on earth and is home to more than half of Australia’s marine wildlife. One of the seven natural wonders of the planet, the Great Barrier Reef consists of millions of unique species of coral, sponge and marine life in a diverse system of islands, cays and outback. The incredible reef is also a popular holiday destination, diving, snorkeling and holiday destination which boast amazing coral, clear water and colourful marine life. Australia is known as a natural wildlife haven and holiday destination with many visitors deciding to explore the incredible reef.

Among the top 10 natural wonders of the world and rated as the most beautiful natural structure in the world, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef makes an excellent tourist destination. It is home to a large variety of sea life including sea lions, dolphins, seals, sea birds and rays among many others. Other popular attractions of the destination include the coral atoll, the Great Barrier Reef and the town of Hervey Bay. Hervey Bay is a resort and is considered to be the largest marine park in the region. There are various other islands and cays in the area that make this destination a favourite among tourists. Other important destinations include Australia’s South Island, The Murray River and The Great Barrier Reef.

With vast lands and varied landscapes, Australia offers a wide range of travel options to explore and enjoy. Most popular destinations for tourism in Australia include Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney which are home to the architectural wonders, spectacular sporting events, amazing nightlife and magnificent culture. Other key cities and towns in Australia include Cairns, Townsville, Maroochyook, Emerald, Outlook, Tallebudgera and Yarrawa. These cities and towns offer a range of accommodation options ranging from budget motels, backpackers accommodations to the more expensive and high-end accommodation options. escorted touring, self drive tours, car hire and other guided tours are also popular activities to do while visiting different destinations in Australia.

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