What is Travel?

Travel is the moving transfer of individuals between far away geographical locations. Travel is normally done by automobile, bike, foot, car, plane, train, bus or other transport means, with or without personal luggage, and may be one-way or round trip. Most people think of travel when going on a vacation, for a business trip, to visit friends, or for an extended stay. There are so many different types of travel, such as: vehicle travel; air travel; sea travel; rail travel; train travel; boat travel; bicycle travel; and boat travel.


For those who are traveling alone, the most popular type of travel is “sole” solitary travel. These travelers usually move from point A to point B and must carry their own personal items, some of which might be included in their suitcase, but everything else is taken care of by the traveler. This type of solo travelers are usually interested in adventure, nature sightseeing, or shopping.

In Canada, British Columbia and Alberta, the term “fare” refers to the price of a passenger is charged for a particular transportation service. The word “fair” is also used in the United States, where it denotes the amount that a passenger is charged for a certain carriage. Some “fare” words are related to the country’s language. In United States, “fare” means “put up at a cost,” whereas “fare ticket” means “a ticket that shows all the fares shown in a book.”

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