What Are The Festivals and Holidays of British English?


What Are The Festivals and Holidays of British English?

A holiday is a period set aside by the government or by tradition where most normal daily activities, particularly work or business involving academic study, are either suspended or significantly reduced. In general, holidays are planned to enable people to commemorate or celebrate an occasion or belief of particular cultural or ethnic importance. Normally, most people mark their annual holidays with great enthusiasm and gusto as it marks the passage of an important year. For corporate organisations, a holiday can be a great opportunity to give back to your employees the sense of happiness and renewal that their efforts have made possible through their hard work over the year, a period which they are sure to appreciate and reflect on in their own homes.

In the UK, as part of an employer’s obligation to employees, all companies are legally obliged to give their employees (and prospective employees) a yearly holiday. The amount of time away for holidays varies from one employee to another depending on several factors such as their age, gender, contract period, length of service with the company, level of responsibility for particular tasks, level of travel responsibility, holiday expense claims, and many other factors. The law also stipulates that companies must inform their employees about any upcoming holiday. Some of the more common types of annual holidays offered by British English holiday schools include Hen and Stag weekends, Christmas Holidays, Easter Breaks, Motherwell and Bank Holidays, New Years and Halloween Holidays.

Apart from the above mentioned holidays, there are other types of vacations including annual day like Christmas and New Year’s, fixed day like bank holiday weekend, public holiday, and many others. In a fixed day holiday, an employee will be paid a wage throughout the duration of the holiday. Many restaurants, hotels and other service providers also offer annual day like parades. In the UK, as part of the government’s duty of care, various communities arrange for festivals like bonfire night, chip night, village market, tree-lighting event, jogging and picnics to highlight different aspects of the community.

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