Types Of Concert Tours

A concert tour is simply a series of organized concerts by an individual or group of musical artists in different towns, countries or other places. This type of tour is often sponsored by one of the artists or groups of the musical group. A single city can host many shows by a single act and at the end of the tour they will play a show in that same town. Many of these types of concerts are planned years in advance. In some cases the date of the concert is chosen for its great beauty or natural beauty that would match the musical event of the tour.

Many musicians choose to do a concert tour as their career is concluding. This can be due to the retirement of an artist or because a band has decided not to tour in a while or because they have opted to play for one type of audience and another audience in a different one. This is also common in musicals where the main character is retiring or passing on. These types of concert tours can be extremely expensive because there is travel, lodging, and other expenses included in the trip. In some cases there is also a recording fee due when the performances are done for posterity purposes.

One other type of tour that is popular is opening acts. Concerts often have opening acts that are hired for the night so that the audience can enjoy the show without having to open all the doors for everyone to get in. These types of concert tours tend to be rather inexpensive because there is no need for hotels and other accommodations.

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