Travel Guide Books

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Travel Guide Books

A travel guide or guidebook is a book of info about a certain place that is designed for the benefit of tourists or travellers. Usually it will include information such as hotels, sightseeing tours, restaurants, transport, and other activities. Maps of different detailed detail are sometimes included. Guide books have been around since the 16th century, and were very popular with all types of people, not just tourists.

Some travel guidebooks have been compiled over years and have now become collectors’ items and hard copies can still be found for sale. You may also come across rare guidebooks in some antique shops. There are also some guidebooks that you can download for free from the internet, however, I feel that these are quite limited in comparison to the ones that you have to pay for.

There are various different types of travel guides; one of which is the destination guide or the “destination” guide. This type of guide gives details about a destination, including places to eat, shops, hotels, tourist guides, and so on. Another type of travel guide is the “hotel guide” or “hotel price” guide. This type of travel guide gives information on various hotels in the destination, which ones are best, what facilities are provided within each hotel, and how much they cost. And finally, another type of travel guide would be the “entertainment guide” or “entertainment guide.”

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