Tour Guide Training – Job of a Guide

A tour guide or a traveling guide is someone who gives information, guidance on historical, cultural heritage to the public on personal and organized tour seeing. There are tour guides that specialize in particular areas like history, anthropology, archeology, mountaineering, birding etc. In the business of tour guide, you will find tour guides who provide driving assistance and guide customers to their desired destinations. A tour guide is also responsible for the provision of maps and directions and for making necessary arrangements for passengers. Tour guide helps to make the tourists’ journey an unforgettable one. Tour guides can arrange tour starting from the comfort of hotel rooms to the wilderness of a country.

tour guide

The main work of the tour guides includes organizing travel arrangements, picking up tourist guides, escorting them to their final destinations and reporting on them to the tour guide company. There are many companies that hire touring guides and offer services like group tours, family tour guide, single trip and eco-tour guides. There are companies that specialize in corporate tours, school trips, church tour guide, sports tour guide, wine tasting tour guide and others. If you need to arrange a tour for your company or organization, you can search online for a guide who can meet all your needs.

If you plan to start a career in tourism and want to know the requirements for a tourism job then you must undergo a training program. You have to get yourself trained as a tour guide before you can start your career in this field. You can get yourself trained online, through colleges or by joining some tour guide training courses conducted by tour operator associations. There are a number of websites that help you find guide training courses and companies that offer these programs. Once you undergo a proper guide training course you will be able to handle all the required technical requirements for your job.

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