Tour Guide

tour guide

Tour Guide

A tour guide or a tour coordinator is a qualified person who gives assistance, guidance on historical, cultural and recreational heritage to individuals on personal and organized sightseeing tours. These tour guides are trained to know all the important places that need to be visited, the top sites, the must see places and the historical significance of the particular region. A good tour guide should have an in depth knowledge of the local dialect and also know how to communicate using it to impress the tourists.

In most developed countries, these tour guides are very popular as they provide a great service to the tourists by making them feel at home and they become the first port of call for the tourist if they need any help. Tour guides are not only found in developed countries but they are also hired by small tour companies and private individuals who are organizing a tour for the first time. Many tourists hire tour guides especially if they are traveling alone, in a large group or in a large family. There are many agencies and tour organizers who specialize in hiring tour guides.

Good tour guides have a lot of experience in this field and can easily communicate with tourists and visitors. They may work on commission for big tour organizing companies and on a per day basis may work for themselves. Tour guides may work independently as well as with a tour organizing company. They are specially trained professionals who have complete knowledge about places where tourists can visit and may work as guides for groups or individuals depending upon their willingness or capacity to assist tourists.

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