The Best Summer Vacation Destination in Spain

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The Best Summer Vacation Destination in Spain

Britain is certainly one of the world’s top holiday destinations, but what is it about this country that makes it so popular with tourists from around the world? Spain’s rich cultural heritage, excellent weather, vibrant nightlife and fantastic food make it an attraction not to be missed by holidaymakers of any age. Spain is a great holiday destination for all budgets, but it is worth remembering that some areas are less expensive than others, depending on your tastes and where you want to stay. The good news is that the holiday accommodation is available at all price levels, making it easy to find holiday homes and self catering apartments for rent in Spain – or indeed anywhere else in the world.

EUROSLAN. Spain is also a top holiday destination for British holiday makers, and it is the UK’s number one holiday destination according to Spanish research. In fact, if you combine the total population of Britain with the number of British nationals who speak Spanish, you would get a population of almost a billion. In particular, the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca has become big hits around Britain, especially for couples coming over on holiday, and they offer great places to eat and stay. If you are travelling as a group, there are many activities and attractions for groups to enjoy together, meaning that you won’t be bored on holiday.

TAMPICO. Spain is an even bigger tourist attraction during the summer months, with thousands of Brits looking for a place to stay in Spain or in the Basque country for the best summer vacation. There are some great beach resorts in Tampico, such as Mijas Canela, which are only 20 minutes’ drive from the airport, and you can still find plenty to do and see during your stay in Tampico.

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