Popular Holiday Destinations in Europe

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Popular Holiday Destinations in Europe

The best UK holiday destinations can be found all over the country, from the heart of England, the north to the south. There are even the Scottish Highlands which offer the quintessential English countryside, wild and remote beauty leaving you totally enthralled by its majestic English castles. Another area that has fallen into the holiday maker’s lap is the south western coast, somewhere that has grown in a huge way since it was included in the tourism map of Europe in the 1960’s. Here you will find some of the most untouched beaches on the planet, plus plenty of wildlife and the vibrant resort towns that have risen over the past few decades.

Some of the beaches and islands in Greece that you might choose for your holiday destination are Santorini, Mykonos and Zakynthos. Mykonos is Greece’s famous island paradise, with beautiful beaches and hidden coves; there is also a large amount of black sand on the beaches. Santorini is another popular destination with visitors coming to the Aegean Islands who want to stay close to the beach or perhaps soak up some culture in Syntagma or Epirus. Mykonos also offers plenty of sun beds so those staying on the islands will find it a great place to go during the daytime.

Portugal has long been a favorite of lovers of the great outdoors and a break from the suffocating cities. Lisbon, one of the capital cities, is a great place to spend an afternoon in the sunshine and it also provides an excellent base to explore the Portuguese architecture and museums. Lisbon is a popular destination with tourists going on holiday to Spain, so it is likely that you will find cheap flights to Lisbon available from autumn through to April; however you should book your flights well in advance to avoid disappointment. Another great trip outside of Portugal is Murcia, a coastal village on the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. There are plenty of holiday villas to choose from in this part of Spain, and you can spend the day swimming in the sea and taking in the beautiful nature and landscape as you would do in any picturesque area. Murcia is also a popular destination with tourists going on holiday to the Spanish islands.

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