Jobs Offered By Tour Guide Companies

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Jobs Offered By Tour Guide Companies

A tour guide or a tour coordinator is someone who gives assistance, guidance on historical, cultural and recreational heritage to individuals on individual or group tours in different organized sightseeing. This occupation is highly demanding physically as well as mentally and emotionally. It is not only required of a tour guide to have knowledge of the various places but also to be able to communicate effectively with the local people to make them feel at home. They have to know local dialects, the local traditions and understand what people want to tell them. Being able to solve a problem amicably is also one skill that a good tour guide must possess.

If you are looking for a job as a tour guide in US then there are two types of jobs that you can choose from. One is being a tour guide for a company as mentioned above and the other is being a park ranger. As mentioned above, a tour guide employed by tour companies is paid on an hourly basis whereas a ranger is paid on an annual basis. However, if you are really interested in this job then you can expect to earn much more as the salary offered by federal agencies or national parks and other educational institutions are quite high.

For those of you who are interested in getting into the career of being a tour guide in US then first you need to find out if any school in your city or state offers courses on tour guide skills and history. The best schools are those which offer courses such as American History, Business History, and Introduction to Government. These courses will help you learn about the historical sites and local people in your area. Once you have completed the course then you will be ready to get a job as a tour guide in US. If you are selected as a tour guide then you can expect to earn good salary and also get many benefits such as holiday packages, special vehicle permits, free meals etc.

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