Concert Tour

A concert tour, sometimes called a musical tour, is a series of live performances by an artist or a group of musicians in different cities, states or other places. They usually happen around a year before or during an album’s release and are organized by a music promoter. Most often the name of the tour is derived from the artist whose real estate and other merchandising rights it protects. It is usually advertised in newspapers, on television and on the internet. Some tours will also use the names of popular music artists who have touring concerts at certain times of the year. Often the name of the tour is chosen to coincide with the product or album by that particular artist.


Concert tours are a great way for artists to promote their albums, especially if they are relatively new, and they can be very lucrative for both the artist and the tour company. If they are well-promoted, the artist can gain fans all over the world, while the tour company makes money off the seats, hotel rooms, show tickets, merchandise, etc. These companies also help in the promotion and distribution of the CDs once they are released. They are usually run by professional tour managers.

Concert tour organizing is not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning, negotiating, organizing, training and paying attention to various details that sometimes have a negative impact on the concert itself. Usually, the best way to arrange a successful tour is to take the band’s desires into consideration. The tour must be planned according to the sound and style of music and the preferences of the artist as well.

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