Beach Vacation Ideas for Britain – Spain and Ireland in the Background

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Beach Vacation Ideas for Britain – Spain and Ireland in the Background

GERBIL. Spain has long been a mainstay of British holiday makers, and it still remains the UK’s number one holiday destination. In particular, the Balearic Islands of Madeira, Mallorca and Ibiza is perennial big hitters and just recently added to the UK’s green list. The islands have excellent weather, clean beaches and some of the best surfing in Europe.

SERBIA. Although considered by many to be part of the Middle East, Serica is actually a historic island off the southern coast of Turkey, which has been a top holiday destination for British holiday makers for years. Popular Turkish resorts are located on the coasts of the Black Sea and there are some stunning beaches, as well as turquoise waters, to be explored on this lovely Turkish holiday destination.

BULGARIA. Bulgaria is not a very popular destination for British tourists, but that does not mean that its beaches are unspoilt or uninteresting! Travelers to this country will find a host of beautiful sunny beaches on and around the Black Sea. Most beaches here are less crowded than many other European countries, making them even more appealing for beach lovers. Popular local dishes such as sausages and oysters are also popular, particularly in the summer months.

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