All About Travel Guides

A travel guide book is simply “a guide book for people on a journey or for those who have no intention of going to a certain place”. It will usually contain information about hotels, sightseeing activities, eating, transportation, and places to see. Maps of various detail and historical and artistic information may also be included. Guides may also include a list of tips and guidelines for travelers, and may provide recommendations for where to eat or where to visit. A good travel guide book will provide a lot of information that the traveler may not know or use at all.

travel guide

There are many different types of destination travel guides. Some of the most popular are the irreplaceable New York Times best selling destination guide, Modern Geographic best selling destination guide,adedge traveler’s guide, Europe’s pocket guide to adventure, Hawaii’s top ten destination, Caribbean’s Gatekeeper, and Australia’s South East region guide. Many guides also offer a map that can be printed and brought with the traveler. Some guides also include audio guides that can be played while strolling through the airport or hotel lobby waiting area. While these do not provide the in-depth information that a printed guide provides, they can make the trip go more smoothly.

Many times, travelers will buy a destination brochure and then never use it again. The information provided in a travel guide is often more detailed and useful. The convenience of having a travel guide in one’s bag makes getting to a destination much easier and ensures that one gets to see the places that one wants to visit.

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