A Guide Book For Your Travel

travel guide

A Guide Book For Your Travel

A travel guide or manual is “a written book of facts about a certain place, usually intended for the aid of tourists or visitors”. It tends to contain information about different sightseeing spots, hotels, restaurants, transport, and other relevant information. Maps of various detailed and historical nature are also often contained. Guides are usually made by professional travel writers and publishers who have researched in the area in question and then arranged the data in such a way as to assist the traveler.

Most travel guides can be either print or paperback. Paperbacks, also known as brochures, are more economical and have less detailed information than the more elaborate leatherbound versions. Guides on the other hand, tend to be both longer and thicker and tend to have very good color pictures of the destination they are meant to guide you to. If you prefer, there are also some electronic types available that do not need any reading material and can be downloaded right away.

The price of a travel guidebook varies according to the size and contents. Generally, the bigger the volume, the more expensive the book will be. Paperback guides are not that expensive and tend to sell well despite their smaller size. Paperback guidebooks are also perfect for travelers who are traveling alone because they are more convenient to carry around and are less prone to losing their information because they are single pages.

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