A Book of Travel Guides by Kilbaedekkers

A travel guide book is simply “a book of details about a specific destination designed especially for the utilization of tourists or travellers”. It will typically contain information on places to see, eating establishments, lodging, transportation, and other activities. Maps of varying depth and detailed historical and cultural information may also be included. In addition, some travel guides provide useful tips on things to do and places to visit while on a trip.

travel guide

In his book, The Book of Travel Guides Kilbaedeker provides a list of the 20 must-see places in each major region of the world, followed by an explanation of why he has chosen that place. He then gives an overview of travel related subjects such as weather and climate, safety measures and tips for foreign travel, as well as sections on local culture and etiquette. Of course, not everything in this guide is applicable to all travellers, since different countries have different perspectives on how things should be done and what is acceptable and unacceptable. As such, some sections may not be suitable for travellers who have specific needs when it comes to sightseeing, accommodation, etc.

For example, a travelling guide on the West Coast of Australia, which includes a list of scenic attractions, would not necessarily be helpful to someone travelling to the Himalayas. Similarly, a Cicerone guide on the Central coast of Italy might be highly informative to travellers going to Bali. In order to find the right guide for a particular destination, one must consider how important certain aspects of the guide are to the traveller. If one is travelling for a long period of time, then it might be better to purchase a guide that has more detailed information and is more in-depth than a simple travel guide.

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